Travel Loan: Enjoy your Holidays without Worrying about Funds
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Travel Loan: Enjoy your Holidays without Worrying about Funds

Travel  Loan: Enjoy your Holidays without Worrying about Funds

posted on 2019-07-26 07:44:36 by Admin

We all need a quick break from our daily office and business life to re-discover ourselves or to fulfill our hobbies like travel. Many of us like to discover other countries, cultures, and places and some of us like to trek in the Himalayas or walking on a sea beach.

But as we all know nothing comes free in this world. Arranging instant funds to travel or roam with your friend could be a very tough job when you don’t have any time from your busy schedule. But no need to worry, as LoanAdda can helps in that case. We have a variety of travel loan (personal loan) which easy disbursal process.

No matter you want to pay for your hotel bills or flight ticket, personal loan for travel is the solution of your entire funds problem for travelling person.

How you can use personal loan as a travel loan.

Unlike a home loan, in the personal loan, there is no fixed category or terms to use the loan for a fixed purpose.  You can use a personal loan for any kind of travel expenses.

You can get this travel loan or personal loan in just two minutes from our portal just register yourself, get instant approval from your application and receive funds within 24 hours! After receiving the fun say bid adieu to all your financial issues for your travel and enjoy your holidays like wanderlust.

Benefits of using personal loan as a Travel loan

There are so many benefits of using a personal loan as a travel loan some of them are:

  • There is no need to put your assets as a mortgage to the lender.
  • For instant ticket and hotel booking, you need instant funds where a personal loan can help you as a travel loan.
  • The disbursal process of personal loans is faster than any other loan.
  • No need to take leave to visit the bank, just apply online for travel loan (personal loan) and get money in your account in just 24 hours.
  • You can use that money for shopping too! Yes, because there is no limitation on the use of a given fund from the lender’s end for a personal loan.

Why using personal loan is better than using credit card while travelling?

Credit cards give us a good limit as per our account and monthly salary but paying all the travel bills of your credit card is not possible because there are other daily expenses too in your personal life.

Not paying the full amount of credit card can affect your credit score or CIBIL score badly and interest on the pending amount credit card is higher than 17% and in some cases 24% but on the other hand, personal loan gives a long period to re-pay the amount whereas interest rates on personal loan remains only between 12.50% to 16.60 %. So if you are thinking about travel loan tray personal loan as a travel loan.

Eligibility for Travel Loan (Personal Loan)

Documents required for Travel Loan (Personal Loan)

  • Last three months salary slip.
  • Address proof.
  • Identity proof.
  • Pan card number.

Say bid adieu to all your budget issues for travel and enjoy every moment of your holidays. Happy Journey!! The credit score or CIBIL score should be higher than 750.