Top Factors to check for a Personal Loan Balance Transfer
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Top Factors to check for a Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Top Factors to check for a Personal Loan Balance Transfer

posted on 2020-09-08 13:09:35 by Admin

Are those EMI payments on your personal loans online bothering you? Ease it out with the smartest financial solution - Personal Loan Balance Transfer.

Personal Loan Balance Transfers are an easy way to lower your financial burden. This is a great solution, especially for those who are struggling to pay off their loan installments. Borrowers get great benefits while switching to lower interest rates on their existing personal loan.   

Know more about personal loan balance transfer as you read further.

What Is A Personal Loan Balance Transfer?

It is exactly similar to the Credit card balance transfer. Banks offer a facility where borrowers get the option to transfer their pending dues to another bank in exchange for better interest rates. Hence, most people prefer it to get financial benefits on their existing personal loans, and not on the new online personal loans.

This allows you to transfer your credit card balances, existing personal loans, and other debts to personal loans. You can transfer to another bank or switch to another loan offered by the same bank. On top of that, it lets you leverage surplus benefits. The greatest of all is the lower interest rate. This majorly depends on the availability, bank policies and rules, and your credit profile. If you have a good credit score, your new lender can offer you a higher loan amount or a top-up loan. As a borrower, you can either go for the same lender or choose a different one depending on the availability of a better interest rate.

When to consider the Balance Transfer option?

A personal loan balance transfer offers better terms and services to the borrowers. Here are some of the reasons to consider the balance transfer option to lower your financial burden and avail other benefits.

●    Lower Interest Rate
Did you apply for a personal loan at a higher interest? Was your salary and credit profile low at the time of borrowing your instant personal loan? The smartest reason to choose balance transfer to pay your personal loans online is to get a better interest rate. If you are in a good position in terms of your salary and credit history now, you might be eligible for a balance transfer. You could get a lower interest rate and if lucky enough, you might even get a higher loan amount.

●    Better services
Sometimes customers are dissatisfied with the kind of services provided by their lenders. If you are dissatisfied too, you can choose to cut off from your lender’s services and opt for a balance transfer. You can avail this to disassociate with your current lender and get a new way to leverage services from other lenders.

●    Urgent Financial Needs
Are you screwed up looking at your finances? Looking for better ways to get things back on track? A balance transfer is your ideal way! When you avail of the benefits of your balance transfer, you can ask your new lender regarding increasing the loan amount. This additional amount you gain can help you in case of your financial emergency.

Remember, before you consider balance transfer, you should know in and out of it. The process can be a little bit tricky and risky. Hence, take extra care about the process and the factors involved in it.

Is Balance Transfer A Better Idea?

If you consider the benefits it offers, balance transfer sure is an ideal plan. However, before taking up an offer, you must understand the plan and what other banks offer.

Before opting, consider the evaluation of the amount and process charges you will be paying for the new loan. If after the calculative analysis, you find out you are paying more, then the balance transfer is of no benefit to you. You also need to consider the loan tenure. However, this depends on your financial condition. If feasible, you can either pay higher EMIs within a span of a short term or opt for lower EMIs for a longer-term.

Have you read the terms and conditions?

While most of us find it boring to read the long loan-related documents, we tend to miss out the important details. This way you miss out on the loan processing fees and the extra charges. However, this varies as per the nature of personal loans, financial institutions, and the lenders.

Therefore, it is advisable to always read all the documents related to the loan carefully. It will not take more time but if you miss out on the important terms and conditions, it might cost you more than you ever thought of.

Final Words
If you miss out on your payment deadlines, the purpose of having a balance transfer is useless. Also, if you do not have a solid plan on debt-repayment, it will affect your credit score. So, while leveraging the benefits of a balance transfer, pay wisely, and timely!