Benefits of Credit card
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Benefits of Credit card

Benefits of Credit card

posted on 2020-01-15 08:08:52 by Admin

You open your wallet and one thing that you notice is the predominance of plastic in your wallet. If you are above 20 yrs of age, chances are you own at least one credit card or debit card. It has become the most preferred form of payment due to the ease and convenience not to mention the security of not having to carry cash around. These days credit cards come with their own set of benefits which makes getting one most advantageous. Read on to know why getting a credit card now can help you in more ways than one.



Most of us take only as much cash as we would need to cover us for a few days at one go. Not only is taking out cash and carrying it around inconvenient, it is also not without its security concerns. A credit card takes you just one swipe of the card to make all your payments right from online expenses to instore expenses without a hassle. You can even link your card to your digital wallet and you wouldn’t even have to carry your card around. It’s that simple!


Interest Free Credit

A credit card gives you an interest free credit period from the time of purchase to your due date which can sometimes be even upto 50 days. The bank does not charge any extra during this period and makes it beneficial for you.


Cashbacks and discounts

Every credit card comes with its own set of offers. From surcharge waivers to deals and offers on both online and offline purchase, you are looking at saving quite a bit using your plastic money.


Reward points

The more you spend, the more you earn. And what more, these rewards points can be redeemed for attractive gifts, vouchers, travel rewards etc.


Worldwide acceptance

Planning an international trip? Don’t waste time trying to convert huge wads of cash to local currency. Most of the credit cards in the VISA and Mastercard payments system can be used worldwide. Some cards would need you to notify the bank about your travel plan- this is to ensure that any fraud can be tracked and minimized.


Special benefits

Some premium cards come with benefits like insurance, free lounge access in airports, concierge services, accidental death cover etc. Also the best part is that all this comes without any extra premium you would have to pay incase you were to take these services individually.


Credit Score

Repaying your credit card dues on time can benefit your credit score. Credit Agencies like CIBIL track timely payments and it can impact your credit score for the better, thereby ensuring that you have access to loans and other credit cards easily.

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