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Benefits Of A Credit Card


  • A Credit Card comes with a grace period between purchase and payment (could be up to 50 days) during which the bank does not charge any interest. This is a perfect example of buy now and pay later.
  • Most people are not aware of this, but a Credit Card benefits your credit score. Organisations like CIBIL give credit scores to individuals depending on how prompt they have been in their payments. Using a Credit Card and repaying on time provides a boost to your credit score. A good credit score means you will be able to obtain Loans and Credit Cards quickly in the future. It’s one of the Credit Card benefits cash or cheques cannot offer!
  • Why carry wads of cash around when you can pay with a simple swipe of your card? A Credit Card is one of the simplest ways to pay for anything – no more counting out change or writing cheques, just present the plastic! You can even link your card to your digital wallet, which allows you to scan and pay without even having to carry your card in your wallet.


Almost everyone today has a bit of rectangular plastic in their wallets or purses. That’s the Credit Card and the Debit Card. A few years ago, hardly anyone had a Credit Card. Today, nobody thinks twice about paying for their purchases with a card. It’s not uncommon for people to have several cards. It’s not hard to figure out why. The Credit Card benefits are too great to ignore. Plus with more banks offering them: the process has become more straightforward, and there are a vast variety of options to suit every lifestyle and spending tendency.


The illustration below indicates what to expect at every step during the credit card evaluation process. It helps understand how the credit decisioning works in banks and the steps they take before deciding to accept or reject a credit card.

Credit Card LoanAdda

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Credit Card LoanAdda

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Credit Card LoanAdda

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Credit Card Eligibility

The common Eligibility which are required for an online credit card approval are given below:

  1. It’s one of the most basic factors that you need to consider before applying for a credit card. In most cases, you need to be in the age bracket of 21 – 60 years (65 for self-employed persons).
  2. This is the most important thing that the bank will look for as soon as you apply for a credit card. Maintaining a healthy credit score is of primary importance for getting a credit card. The credit score is a reflector of your credit worthiness and it depends on your credit history. Generally, lenders prefer individuals who have a credit score of over 750.
  3. While it’s very important to have a source of regular income to get a credit card, the stability of your job can also be a determining factor for you. If you keep on switching jobs frequently, it may have a negative impact on your credit score.